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10+1 Most Popular Fall Hair Color Trends!

Fall is always a fun time of year to take inspiration from the changing colors & the delicious comfort food and try something new with your hair hue. This season’s looks range from bold & bright to soft & light. Below, check out these gorgeous photos of fall hair colors that are trending on Instagram right now…

Dark Pumpkin Chai

Every Pumpkin love rejoice! You can now enjoy pumpkin all season long with hints of chai spices with this beautiful colour!

Mari Golden Waves

These golden waves on medium brown hair are easy to ride & on the eyes. The hairstylist obviously knows how to craft a stunning balayage ombre.

Melted Dark Brown Chocolate Balayage

If you’re not into caramel brownies & just want straight up chocolate, then here you go…A gorgeous Sombre balayage  that works perfectly for women with darker hair & skin complexion.

Red Caramel Brownie

As soon as I thought, I instantly thought of a delicious caramel brownie, with hints of red (velvet?). & those caramel highlights! OMG. Either way, the hair colorist cooked up a beautiful colour  that any woman would want to show off.

Cold Brew Hair

Didn’t you know that you drink cold brew in the Summer & you wear it in the Fall? We didn’t until we saw this jaw- dropping hair colour…

Perfectly Fall Pink

This pink- rose- gold colour is so perfect for the Autumn Season- the pink isn’t too bright or too dark.

Spicy Dark Brown & Copper

The rich dark brown is given so much dimension with these lovely Fall- inspired copper highlights. If you are a natural brunette, this look has got to make the top of your list this season.

Fall Mums

The hairdresser was inspired by the seasonal Mums for this incredible colour. The transition from the deep dark red to sunset yellow is 100!

Brunette with Strawberry Tones

The hint of strawberry highlights is my favourite part about this look. It’s subtle, cool & combined with the various shades of brown & dark roots, it’s the perfect fall colour for someone who wants that fresh, young look.

Mocha Bronde Ombre

This ombre gives so many textured tones as she weaved the darker roots down about mid- length. This warm brown- blonde shade towards the ends keeps a hint of the warmer sunshine colours.

Burnt Red & Orange Leaves

“If this isn’t Fall AF, I don’t know what it is!” I have to agree. This leaf turning hues of orange & auburn red blend incredibly well.


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